Preventing road traffic injuries from occurring should be the main goal to be pursued, but the reality is that crashes continue to occur. Society therefore has to be prepared to mitigate the consequences of crashes and enhance the quality of life of people who are injured.

In the past, the critical care of victims of road accidents, who suffered injuries was handled by government hospitals. But thanks to overload of work in Government hospitals, private hospitals began to penetrate the arena and are playing a major role in mitigating the hardship of accident trauma victims

One of such private hospitals that gives affordable emergency trauma care services is the Research Institute for General plastic, Hand and Trauma Hospitals popularly known as Right Hospitals.

Right Hospitals is located in the heart of Chennai city and fully equipped with the appropriate emergency medical services and serves the people round the clock. 

Right Hospitals stands ahead of the rest of the hospitals in three factors that affect the outcome of an accident and healing for its victims viz. availability, accessibility and affordability. On all three fronts, the Right Hospitals has taken the lead with its unwavering dedication to service. 

Right Hospitals was inaugurated with only 30 beds way back in 2004. Presently the hospital has developed in a huge manner.

Throughout the world statistics show that among the number of accidents, road accidents ranked the highest. And the very alarming set back is the scarcity of life saving services and facilities. 

Right Hospitals is presently offering excellent solutions for trauma victims. This very idea came from Prof. G. Balakrishnan with the intense desire to engage a multi-disciplinary force to tackle the problem of road accidents by establishing the state of art Centre for Accidents and Trauma care.

An acclaimed plastic surgeon and visionary Prof. G. Balakrishnan always looks for positive change in society. A capable personality in hand surgery, he was awarded the prestigious Pioneer in Hand Surgery of Berlin International Federation of Society for the Surgery of Hand Award on 17.06.2019 for the second maximum number of hand surgeries in the world.

Born on the 27th of  January in 1947 in a farmer’s family in a village called  Mc Donald’s Choultry in Salem district Prof. G. Balakrishnan had his formal schooling in his own village and did his under graduation in medicine at the Thanjavur Medical College. Since he was keenly interested in surgery, he was posted in surgical unit where Professor Jamal, the first plastic surgeon of Tanjavur Medical College was working. This was his first exposure to plastic surgery.

He joined government services in July 1972 as medical officer in a goverment hospital in Ramanathapuram district. Within a year of his entry into medicine he proved his ability and earned the best medical officer award in the year 1973 for his exemplary work in the public health centre.  This was the beginning of his achievement in the service of the medical field. 

Though Prof. G.. Balakrishnan was not qualified in surgery, Prof. R. Venakataswamy in Stanley Medical College with a special interest in hand surgery, gave a chance to work under him in hand surgery in plastic department. That was a turning point in his life working under Prof. R. Venkataswamy. 

Joining the PG course in surgery at Madras Medical college in 1976 he won the best outgoing student award of his batch in 1978 and was also awarded the Edmund Lourke award for proficiency in surgery in the competitive examination and was posted back to Stanley Medical College. In 1978, he joined MCH plastic surgery course in Stanley Medical College in the first batch.

In 1982 Prof. G. Balakrishnan went to the United Kingdom to undergo training in Microsurgery under Mr. Bruce Bailley at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital. This training gave him new exposures and friends.  Today, he has changed the face of creativity in plastic surgery in India remarkably as a result of his hard work, perseverance and sincerity which helped him to take over the big Institute which Prof. R. Venkataswamy created.

Prof. G. Balakrishnan served in Government Stanley hospital for 33 years looking after trauma services and specializing in hand injuries where an amputated part could be reattached.  During his tenure he has operated and supervised over 4,00,000 hand injury patients and over 1,50,000 general plastic surgery problems and other specialties in orthopedic, neuro, spine,  abdomen and chest surgeries. Prof. G. Balakrishnan got superannuation on 31.01.2005 to spearhead as Medical director of the Right Hospitals. In the past 15 years, it has grown from a 4 member team to over 40 member team under his stewardship.

Prof. G. Balakrishnan was elected as the President of Plastic Surgery of India. The Royal College of Surgeons of England admitted him to the fellowship Ad Eundem of the college in 2009.

The Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University conferred Doctor of Science on Prof. G. Balakrishnan in 2009 and he was also conferred with the lifetime achievement award in 2012 in recognition of his exemplary contribution to the cause of medical education and health care services.

He also won various national and international awards between 2004 and 2014. He was invited to give lectures and presentations nationally and internationally during the same period and has also authored a number of papers and books both at the national and at the international levels. He has presented more than 200 scientific papers in acclaimed scientific journals and won many laurels. 

In 2003 he was awarded the Col Pandaly Army Day Oval Pune and after 8 years Gilli’s Orator honour by the English Royal College of Surgeons, England.

A man of exceptional achievement in the field of burns, accidents and trauma care Prof. Prof. G. Balakrishnan brings with him over half a century of irrefutable expertise and the spirit of selfless service to all mankind.

Founded by the philanthropist Mrs. Rajini Balakrishnan and spearheaded by the visionary Prof. G. Balakrishnan, the Right Hospitals and Research Institute has been hailed as one of the leading hospitals specialized in general plastic, hand, burns & trauma care in Tamil Nadu with the objective to provide world class surgical facility and quality care for accident victims. 

Located in Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India, the Right Hospitals has all elements to take the treatment and rehabilitation of Burns and Trauma Care to the next level.   The vision of the Right Hospitals and Institute is to enable every individual with burns and deformity to cope with the multiple challenges – medical, psychological, social and financial and to be in icon of inspiration and positive energy for others with similar challenges.

The mission of the Right Hospitals and Institute is the establishment of a world class state-of-the-art integrated centre for Burns and Trauma that can provide quick, prompt and comprehensive solutions to burns and trauma at affordable prices to every human soul irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Its objective is selfless service to humanity in the best possible ways.  The hospital also awards scholarships to meritorious and lesser privileged students who form a backbone of diverse services.

Reliable, responsible and resourceful management is the motto of Right Hospitals.  It aims to have a progressive facility in South India with specialists and students who are beacons of courage, integrity and skill in medical institutions across the globe.

The institute is specialized in handling cases like birth injuries during delivery that results in loss of limb function, Brachial Plexus injury in adults, cosmetic scars, reconstruction of breasts,  varicose surgeries, etc …………………..

The Right Hospitals was started as 30-bedded hospital having plastic and orthopedic departments in 2004 and burns department was started in the year 2006.

In a span of fifteen years the Right Hospitals and Institute, as of today has a full-fledged operation theatre, a hyper basic oxygen facility, skin bank, blood bank, cosmetic surgery, round-the-clock hand injury and reconstruction facility, a Right School and Right College of nursing, a dialysis Centre, Physiotherapy Centre and counseling services.

The growth and expansion of the hospital is made possible by the active participation and hard work of core team of doctors, visiting consultants, para-medical staffs and referring doctors.

Burn injury is one of the most difficult problems to treat. It affects the individual, physically, psychologically and economically. Early proper wound management is essential for saving the life of patient and also to prevent complications.  Though the role of skin donation is not new and the first skin bank was established in USA in 1950, Dr. G. Balakrishnan has started a skin bank at Right Hospitals which is is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu. The government of Tamil Nadu has accorded permission to Right Hospitals for harvesting skin graft from brain dead patients and from those dying a natural death and storing them in the skin bank.  

A Skin Bank harvests skin from brain dead patients and fresh cadavers, harvesting the skin from the lower part of the limbs, without damaging any part of the body and without any inconvenience.  Harvested skin is processed in a septic condition and stored in the bank. A stored skin is not a permanent cover, It protects the patient from infection, loss of body fluids and prepares the patient for early reconstruction surgery.  Rotary Club of Chennai, Sun City appreciated this project and the then Rotary Governor Mr. Khana, got international rotary funds to equip this skin bank with the best facilities. As a result, the Right Hospitals has got the essential infrastructure and equipments to treat burn victims. A skin bank is an added advantage to the patients.

Dr Somesh, son of Dr Balakrishnan, is an acclaimed plastic surgeon completed his MBBS from Madras Medical College and his higher education and training at England in 2002 at Kettering Hospital and passed his FRCS from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasglow. After completing his general surgical training, he worked for 2 years under Martin Coady, Plastic Surgeon at the James Cook University Hospiatal, Middlesborough and Mehbbob Ali, Plastic surgeon at Russels Hall hospital, Dudley  specializing in management of skin cancer and breast cancer reconstruction. After his return to India, he spent 8 years at National Board Training in Plastic Surgery and joined the Right Hospital team in 2015, immediately establishing the first skin bank in South India. Dr Kavya Somesh, after completing her MD in internal medicine, joined the Core Team as consultant physician and diabetologist.

A skin bank, spearheaded by Dr. Somesh, son of Dr. Balakrishnan, shows a wide variety of skins to treat and rehabilitate people with multiple burns. It facilitates in the reconstruction of areas affected with burns.

Of late, skin donation has gone down due to lack of awareness and people are afraid of injury to the dead body.  People and organizations that are aware of skin donations must come forward to educate the masses and encourage them to do the skin donation.  Tamil Nadu stands first in organ donation in India and just like other organ donations, skin donation also would be recognized in the future when people are fully aware of it.

Right Hospitals also has a blood bank center equipped with the latest state –of-art refrigerators and cold storage cabinets for storing. Increase in demand for blood for trauma cases and routine surgeries prompted us to start the blood bank.  The Right Hospital has a collection center and plasmopheresis unit where separation of blood products like platelets and separation of harmful bodies like dengue and blood cancer is done. The Right Hospitals blood bank collects the blood only from the low risk voluntary non-remunerative donors and rigorous screening process is followed for donor selection.

The dialysis center treats renal diseases which are on the increase because of childhood infections and the usage of painkillers, improper treatment of diabetes, hypertension, undetected and neglected birth defects, drugs, allopathic and non-allopathic and unknown angels that precipitate medical renal diseases.  

Post burn injuries, major blood loss and repeated transmission of blood damage the kidneys which in turn also lead to renal diseases.

The Uniqueness of the Right Hospitals is the caliber of its core group members and the team of specialists, who bring together, the highest quality of education, a variety of expertise in burns and trauma care. Besides, the team is extremely passionate, totally committed and highly dedicated when it comes to the treatment, rehab, care of the patients. They also provide qualitative input about how accidents can be easily prevented with a little understanding of the environment.

The Right Hospitals and Institute frequently engages different departments in finding ways and means to prevent different types of accidents.

It engages the traffic police, RTO,corporation, various other government departments, NGOs, Public and Students from schools and colleges.

On a periodic basis it publishes articles and engages in interviews on prevention of Road Accidents and ensures security of every individual involved be it a rider, driver or a pedestrian.

It also educates the public on their role in helping victims of accidents to cope with situations till the arrival of emergency services.

At the Right Hospitals Research and Development is an on-going process to find solutions to causes of different types of accidents, the latest technology in various types of treatments to develop preventive measures, training and development of team members and engaging people from all walks of life in confronting the challenges of road accidents and accidents due to negligence.

Passion, dedication, commitment, the urge to go beyond what can be imagined and to leave a legacy behind takes Right Hospitals to the forefront of similar establishments elsewhere. A blend of technology with high-touch clinical attention to performance measures helped Right Hospital attain success in every aspect.

Right Hospitals is well aware that in a service oriented profession quality of human capital matters most. The focus of these quality indicators is looking at patient safety and what is done with right at the right time for the right situation.

The level of care in the hospital is of international standard, and people can feel comfortable visiting Right Hospital. It makes a vast difference to make the people aware of the recognition and best of services provided by the Right hospital which is equipped with well experienced doctors and the latest facilities ensuring patient safety as priority. 

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