Speciality Departments

Orthopaedics provide specialty healthcare with advanced technology on par with international standards at an affordable cost.

Gynecology SRM Hospitals offers women’s healthcare treatment services ranging from puberty to menopause and after.

Nephrology SRM Hospitals provides comprehensive healthcare for patients with different types of renal diseases.

Dialysis Patients who suffer a severe degree of kidney failure cannot lead a comfortable life with medications and dietary restrictions alone.

Dental A complete range of dental care services ranging from root canal treatment to fixed tooth implants and many other latest procedures.

General Medicine Provides comprehensive, patient healthcare service, treating all general infections and complications arising from various conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, etc.

Pediatrics provides total care and revival to neonates, babies, toddlers and children.

Diabetology Diabetology division offers expert care for various metabolic, pituitary, and diabetes-related conditions.

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